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Congenital Hand Deformities & Hand Surgery in Children

It is generally assumed that congenital malformations affect 1-2% of all newborns, 10% of which are in the upper extremities.

Why do malformations occur in the hand area?

Congenital malformations are caused due to genetic or external influences (e.g., thalidomide / Contergan ™ medicines used during pregnancies). Sometimes these medicines during pregnancies could cause congenital damage to sensitive fetal development.

 In some cases, these malformations are diagnosed during regular ultrasounds in gestation, while others are discovered only after the baby is born.

It is generally assumed that congenital malformations affect 1-2% of all newborns,
10% of which are in the upper extremities. 

Which congenital malformations in the hand area are there?

Congenital hand malformations are an extremely heterogeneous clinical picture. They can range from minimal or barely noticeable to the absence of entire limb parts.

Some examples of congenital malformation in hands include are:

Syndactyly-  A condition when the fingers are fused together, and the webbing between the fingers extends farther above the normal.

Polydactyly- A condition when a person has more than five fingers per hand or toe. The skin, nerves, or bone attaches an extra finger to one of the fingers.

Cleft Hand– It is a condition in which the middle finger is missing, leaving a V-shaped indentation.

There are some more hand deformities caused due to congenital (by birth) hand malformations.

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What are the consequences of congenital malformations in the hand area for us?

Inborn hand malformations can lead to physical impairment of hand function. For example- the cleft hand can cause problems in grappling objects, while polydactyly or syndactyly can cause problems in spreading fingers fully. 

Apart from interfering in your day-to-day life, congenital malformations of the hand may also cause psychological stress due to hand abnormality.

How can you treat congenital malformations in the hand area?

The multidisciplinary, multi-professional approach has proven to diagnose and treat congenital hand malformations. Cooperation with a children`s hospital is mandatory.

Special consultation hour : "Congenital hand malformations"

To help patients with congenital hand malformations quickly and comprehensively, we have set up a special consultation for “Congenital malformations in the hand area” for several years. 

Only a detailed doctor/parent discussion forms the basis for a successful individual treatment. 

Depending on the diagnosis, our hand surgeon in Dubai decides the best treatment route. If the malformation correction requires surgery, he does an extremely flawless hand surgery to achieve optimal aesthetic and functionality of the hand.

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