Hand lift surgery in Dubai


Hand lift surgery in Dubai


Tightening operations in the wrist and hand area are very rare. Mostly, these are performed in combination with the removal of skin tumours.

Ageing brings in a lot of changes in the hand area, which may require surgical interventions at times to rectify those changes. Prof Dr Robert Hierner is an asserted board-certified hand surgery specialist in Dubai who has several accomplishments in anti-ageing hand treatments and rejuvenation. He offers apt and genuine treatment as per your hand condition and age.

Patient Selection

Patients with significant skin looseness in the dorsal wrist and dorsum of the hand. This is usually the case from the age of 60 or in patients with clearly sagging skin after massive weight loss.


In clinical practice, the first step for a Hand-Lifting procedure is a detailed examination to understand the following factors; 

1) What bothers you

2) What are your expectations

3) Previous (aesthetic) operations

4) General state of health

5) Development of body shape and weight 

6) Lifestyle (sports)

7) Quality of skin

8) Medications 

9) Allergies

10) Handedness and professional activity

The hand areas to be corrected are discussed and marked together with the patient.

Detailed preoperative photo documentation is made.

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Side effects may include bruising, swelling, temporary loss of sensation, or tightness.

Possible rare complications of hand lift include:

  • General surgical risks (bleeding, disturbance of sensation, disturbance of wound healing, death of skin, inflammation, unsightly scarring).
  • Injuries to nerve tracts with sensory disturbances
  • Long-lasting swelling conditions in the back of the hand – especially after simultaneous removal of several veins from the back of the hand
  • After removal of excess skin, scars result, but they are usually inconspicuous

If too much skin is removed, it can lead to loss of strength, restricted movement and widened scars.


Any specific preparation for the hand lift is not necessary.


Together with the patient, the surgical goals (wrinkle tightening, volume increase, removal of ageing tumours of the skin, etc.) are discussed and marked.

The operation is performed on an outpatient basis or as a short inpatient procedure (1-night stay).

The operation is performed either under local anaesthesia, intravenous line anaesthesia of the forearm and hand (“beer block”), anaesthesia of the entire arm (subaxillary block) with twilight sleep, or, if desired, under general anaesthesia. The operation should be performed with empty upper arm blood, like all hand surgery procedures (300 mmHg).

There are two basic procedures available for hand lifting:

Mini hand lift: Here, localized skin resection is performed along the borders of the skin of the hand in the IP joint of the thumb and the middle joints of the fingers for tightening the finger area. This process is also performed for the area of the dorsal wrist crease for tightening in the dorsum of the hand.

Complete hand lift: Here, the incision is made in the area of the dorsal wrist crease and towards the clavicle finger along the borders of the functional back of the hand unit. The complete skin of the back of the hand is lifted, and the excess skin mantle is removed. Thick veins can also be removed directly under sight. 

As a dressing, the surgical scars are covered with Steri-strip plaster.  At the end of the operation, a palmar forearm/hand splint is applied for 3 – 7 days, and the hand is placed at heart level. 

After Care

  • Antibiotics: single shot or none
  • Adequate pain therapy is required (pain low to medium).
  • The operated hand is fixed at heart level to avoid increased swelling.
  • You can shower the day after surgery by wrapping the splint in a plastic bag.
  • The wound drainage will be removed after 24 – 48 hours
  • Immobilization of the operated hand is done on a palmar forearm hand splint with finger enclosure for 3 – 7 days
  • After removal of the splint, intensive physiotherapeutic exercise treatment is performed 2-3 times/week until complete fist closure and finger extension are achieved again.
  • Stitches are removed after 10 – 14 days, followed by intensive skin and scar massage with fatty ointment 3-5 times/day by the patient.
  • In case of severe swelling, accompanying lymphatic drainage therapy and compression treatment in a dome-free compression glove may be useful.
  • You will have to move without force immediately after surgery, start partial weight-bearing (< 10 kg) after suture removal, and restart full weight-bearing 4 – 6 weeks after surgery.
  • But you can start to socialize and work after 1 – 2 weeks.
  • Wound healing checkups are held after 10 days post-op, 6 weeks post-op, and 3 months post-op.
  • You can resume sports, steam bath, sauna, heavy physical work after approx. 6 weeks.
  • Avoid sun exposure and solarium for 2- 3 months.
  • A detailed postoperative photo documentation is conducted after 12 weeks.


Operation results are well predictable and reproducible. Reliable smoothing of wrinkles in the finger, back of the hand, and wrist area can be achieved.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner has a successful track record of performing various types of hand surgeries in Dubai with a systematic and diligent approach.

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Patient Information

This patient information only gives a general introduction for a better understanding of aesthetic and medical surgeries. It cannot replace the personal and detailed doctor-patient discussion. To answer your questions about your personal, individual situation, arrange your non-binding personal consultation appointment.