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Hand Grip Reconstruction in Dubai

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Trauma & Grip Reconstruction

Hand Emergencies Services ( S.O.S Hand )

A Service for Hand Emergencies has been established 24/7 at Saudi German Hospital Dubai 

A Service for Hand Emergencies has been established 24/7 at Suad German Hospital Dubai 

S.O.S Hand

The hand consists of bones, joints, tendons, muscles and a sensory component of skin and sensory nerves. These components work in unison to produce the grasping function of the hand.

Functionally, the hand has two main jobs:

  • Use as a tool for our engagement with the immediate environment (e.g. grasping, etc.)
  • Use as an organ of perception for information to be felt (tactile gnosis).

Depending on the damage, the two basic functions have different degrees of impairment.

Disorders of the gripping function are common and have great economic importance. They are, for example, one of the most common causes of incapacity to work, alongside the common cold.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner is a board-certified plastic surgeon and is also known as the best hand surgeon in Dubai. He offers a precise line of treatment regarding Trauma and Grip Reconstruction of the hand.

Why do disturbances in the grip function occur?

Disturbances of the grasping function can be congenital or acquired.

What disorders are there in the grip function?

Disturbances of the gripping function can occur:

With preserved finger length (neurogenic, atherogenic, osseous)

In the context of complex injuries and functional disorders with loss of length

After the loss of length (hypoplasia, amputation injuries)

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What consequences do disturbances in the grip function have?

Depending on the damage, the two basic functions are impaired to different degrees – grip functions and tactile gnosis.

Disturbances in the thumb and/or finger area can lead to a reduction in higher and a predominance of simpler grip forms.

What are the goals of Hand Grip Reconstruction management?

Each injury’s final functional outcome is unique, depending on the severity of structural damage and contamination, as well as surgery and rehabilitative care; however, some generalisations can be made.

The overall hand grip reconstruction goal is summarised as follows to ensure that maximum function is restored in the shortest amount of time possible using the fewest possible procedures. If multiple procedures are planned, each one should have a clear goal in mind.

How can one treat disorders of the grip function?

All options of non-operative (conservative) and operative hand surgery are available to restore the grip function.

Special consultation : "Hand Trauma and Grip Reconstruction"

 Acute hand traumas can be admitted any time to the Emergency room. In order to be able to help patients with impaired hand function after hand trauma quickly and comprehensively, we have set up a special consultation hour, “Hand Trauma and Grip reconstruction.” Only a detailed doctor/patient discussion forms the basis for a successful individual treatment. 

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Patient Information

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