trigger finger

6 trigger finger exercises you should know to relieve pain in hand

Trigger finger (finger tenosynovitis) is tendinitis that impacts your arms’ tendons and makes them hard to flex. The condition gets its name from its primary feature of a curled or bent finger that seems like it is squeezing something. It’s a painful circumstance that makes flexing and straightening fingers difficult and feel sore. 

Over time, the symptoms can enhance to multiple fingers becoming locked in location, affecting your capacity to use your hand. The following are a few trigger finger exercises to help you overcome this condition:

Perform these trigger finger exercises regularly. If you still have problems with the trigger finger, contact Prof Dr Robert Hierner, the Hand Surgeon in Dubai who can assess your issues and develop a treatment program to get you pain-free as soon as possible.

Passive Wrist Stretches

Start this stretch by retaining your fingers together and your forearms parallel to the ground. The tips of your fingers must be just under your chin and in front of your chest. Next, slowly lower your arms closer to your waist while holding them together. Keep for 10 to 15 seconds. It would help if you felt stretching in your wrist and fingers.

Side to Side Wrist Bend

Locate your hand palm on a desk, and keep your wrist straight. First, bend your wrist to the right side as far as possible, then maintain for two seconds. Next, go back your wrist to the center, and repeat the movement with the left side of the wrist.

Clenched Wrist Stretch

Make a loose fist, and then place the back of your hand on a desk with your thumb facing up. Next, bend your wrist, so your fingers come in the direction of your body, then maintain the placement for 2 seconds. Next, relax your wrist and allow it to return to the beginning position. 

Try this 10 times for each hand.

Clenched Wrist Stretch

Bent Finger Stretch

Bend the thumb towards the palm and try to reach the tip of the index finger, then maintain for 10 seconds. Repeat the motion with the other fingers. You might bring your fingers ahead after you’ve extended your thumb as far as it could reach. 

Do this stretch 3 to four times during the day.

Finger Extensor Stretch

Lay your hand flat on a desk or any levelled surface. Hold your affected finger with your alternate hand, then slowly boost a finger while holding the closing hands flat. Carry a finger as high as possible without straining or inducing excessive pain. Hold the finger in the air for some seconds, then release and allow it to return to the surface. 

Carry out one set of 5 repetitions 3 times a day. You may perform the stretch on all palms and thumbs.

Finger Extensor Stretch

Finger Abduction

Maintain your hand in front of you and enlarge the affected finger with a regular finger. 

Next, hold the 2 fingers together with your thumb and forefinger out of your opposite hand and lightly press the extended fingers collectively. You can also hold the palms anywhere you’re comfortable. 

Next, separate the first set of fingers using the fingers from the opposite hand as resistance. Maintain the position for some seconds, then return to the starting position. 

Repeat five times in one consultation, and carry out three times at some point of the day.