Hand tumour treatment

Hand Tumour Treatment

Hand tumour treatment


The term “tumour” comes from Latin and means “swelling” or “swelling”. In general, the word tumour describes an increase in tissue volume – regardless of how it came.

What causes tumours in the hands?

Any abnormal lump on the hand or wrist is a tumour. The term “Tumour” comes from Latin and refers to an increase in the volume of tissue (“swelling”).

The exact cause of having a tumour on the hand is unclear; however, causes that may lead to a tumour on the hand include:

  • Repetitive hand motion injury
  • Inflammation of hand tissues, later causing abnormal tissue growth
  • Trauma in hands or accident
  • Foreign body trapped in the hand area.

What types of tumours arise in hand?

Tumours can develop almost anywhere in the body because they grow in tissues. Similarly, hand tumours are an excess growth of hand tissues. Hand tumours can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). However, a vast majority of hand tumours are benign. Malignant tumours in the hand and wrist areas are rare and require thorough investigation and apt treatment.


What are the consequences of tumours in the hand area for us?

Both benign and malignant tumours can cause complications at the site of the tumour (local complications). Advanced malignant tumours can also spread to other parts and affect the entire body (systemic complications) through settlements (metastases) in lymph nodes and organs. 

In advanced stages, cancer may also cause excruciating pain and life threats.


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How can you treat tumours in the hand area?

Tumours of any kind need a full hand work-up. In the rare event of a malignant tumour, a multidisciplinary, multi-professional approach has proven itself for the diagnosis and treatment. Cooperation with the Tumor Center is mandatory.

Special consultation : "Hand tumours"

To help patients with tumours in the hand and wrist region quickly and comprehensively, we have set up a special consultation hour, “Hand tumours”. Only a detailed doctor/parent discussion forms the basis for a successful individual treatment. 

The best treatment approach for hand tumours is hand tumour surgery because the excess growth is permanently eliminated from the body. But each case is special and thoroughly investigated by our hand specialist in Dubai before proceeding with any hand surgery plan.

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