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Low-dose Radiotherapy for Hand Conditions

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Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) For Hand Conditions

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All patients, mostly above 50 years of age, who suffer from pain in one or both hands due to arthritis or tendonitis can be treated with low-dose radiotherapy (LDRT) as an essential part of multimodal treatments.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner, a renowned hand specialist in Dubai, will examine hands to diagnose the level of arthritis and symptoms, and suggest the treatment. Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) is one of the pillars of therapy in the treatment of arthritis in the hands

What is Radiotherapy in Dubai and how is it effective for hand arthritis?

Low-dose radiotherapy is a therapeutic tool for treating all inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the joints and soft tissues. Arthritis is a type of degenerative disease which causes joint stiffness, joint pain and mobility issues due to the degeneration of existing connective tissues in joints. Hence LDRT treatment can help in alleviating hand arthritis pain and mobility symptoms.

Where can Low-dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) for hand arthritis be done ?

Low-dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) for hand arthritis is carried out at the Department of Radiotherapy (Head: Dr. Osama Aldabass ) of the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai.


Dr Osama Aldabass, a renowned radiotherapy doctor trained in Germany answer all questions concerning Low-dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) for hand arthritis.

Radiotherapy can be recommended for managing symptoms of arthritis in the hands.

Although the low dose X-ray cannot change the degeneration or repair the tear, it treats the local inflammation, decreases the local pain, and improves the quality of life.

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There are no specific preparations before the low-dose radiotherapy.

The low-dose radiotherapy can be scheduled shortly after signing the consent form.


The radiation therapy is carried out at the Department of Radiotherapy (Head: Dr. Osama Aldabass ) of the Saudi German Hospital, Dubai.

Benefits Of Low-Dose Radiotherapy

This treatment has been used for decades with excellent success rates.

The treatment is highly beneficial in treating bone erosion due to arthritis.

The patient will be able to observe considerable pain relief, reduced inflammation and increased mobility of hand joints, including the finger joints (phalangeal joints), palm joint (metacarpal joint) and the wrist joint.

Risks of Radiotherapy

Since the treatment is done via low-dose radiotherapy, no serious side effects or long-term local damages are expected.

After Care

In case of partial or incomplete response, the 2nd course of low-dose radiotherapy can be delivered six weeks after completing the 1st course to achieve a full response.


A response (pain relief) in 60-90% of patients can be achieved immediately after completing the radiotherapy. In some patients, it may take 3 to 6 months to restore hand mobility.

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