Autologous fat injection (Lipofilling)

Autologous fat
injection (Lipofilling)

Autologous fat injection (Lipofilling)

Autologous fat
injection (Lipofilling)

Autologous fat injection for wrinkle therapy in the hand area

Autologous fat transplantation or Lipofilling describes how the body’s own fat is used for tissue injection. The principle of treatment is that the body’s own fatty tissue is gently removed from an inconspicuous area under local anaesthesia, after which it is sterilised and transplanted to the desired location. The main areas of application for autologous fat therapy are the deeper skin layers (dermis/cutis and subcutaneous fatty tissue/subcutis). In contrast to all other fillers (see above), fat is an endogenous substance that cannot lead to an allergic reaction, and the result lasts much longer.

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Patient Selection

Patients who have developing volume loss in the dorsal wrist and hand area:

– Indentations between the metacarpal bones

– Depressions in the area of the interfinger folds

Autologous fat transplants or autologous fat injections are now the first choice therapy for wrinkle treatment in the hand area (micrografting). The autologous fat injection can be carried out at any time of the year, it can be easily combined with other aesthetic procedures and shows both immediate and long-term effects.

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In clinical practice, a detailed examination is carried out first to understand the following factors;

1) What bothers you

2) What are your expectations

3) Previous (aesthetic) surgeries

4) General health

5) Development of body shape and body weight

6) Lifestyle (sports)

7) Quality of the skin

8) Medication

9) Allergies

10) Handedness and occupation


-The hand areas to be corrected are discussed and marked with the patient

-The donor area for the removal of the fat cells is discussed and marked.

-A detailed preoperative photo documentation follows


With proper technique, only rare risks like swelling, discolouration of the skin due to bleeding, and feeling of pressure can occur.


A specific preparation for the autologous fat injection is not necessary. If necessary, an anaesthetic cream (e.g., EMLA ®, PRILA ® ointment) can be applied before the injection.


A specific preparation for the autologous fat injection is not necessary. If necessary, an anaesthetic cream (e.g., EMLA ®, PRILA ® ointment) can be applied before the injection.

The body areas to be corrected are discussed with the patient.

The treatment is divided into two sections:

  • The liposuction is performed under local anaesthesia and if desired, also combined with light twilight sleep. After suctioning, the wound is adequately drained, and a highly absorbent bandage is applied.
  • The autologous fat injection (Lipofilling) is also carried out under local anaesthesia. A certain amount of autologous fat is inserted into the respective skin layer with a fine needle. No bandage is necessary for the hand area.

After Care

The post-treatment care is considered for both the donor area of ​​the liposuction and the hand area (recipient area):

In the donor area of ​​the liposuction (liposuction), care must be taken to ensure adequate wound drainage and adequate compression after the suction. Adequate pain therapy should also be ensured. We prescribe decongestants and an antibiotic for 5 days. Patients can go home the same day. Inability to work lasts 1-2 days. Patients can walk around without a problem but should avoid physical activity for about 2-4 weeks.

It is important to point out to the patient that skin discolouration can occur in the suctioned area, which lasts about a week. The skin above the suctioned area may be slightly less sensitive for 1-3 months.

Immediately after hand rejuvenation, the backs of the hands are cooled and treated with special creams. Good sun protection is necessary.

No dressing or the injection sites are covered with Steri-strip tape.
Patients can resume normal life immediately. But no heavy manual labour for 2-3 weeks as the fat cells need to grow.


The chances of success that transplanted fat cells grow permanently (about 50 – 70%) are very high and depend on the postoperative hand activity of the patient. 

The volume loss in the subcutaneous fat layer can thus be compensated. This leads to a filling of the depressions between the metacarpal bones and a thickening of the skin layer on the back of the hand with less transparency of the dorsal veins and extensor tendons. The hands appear stronger and younger as a result. The result of the Lipotransfer is long-lasting and can be corrected over the years.

Compared to hyaluronic acid, the advantages of autologous fat transplantation are the longer-lasting effect and the lower costs for larger volume defects. Autologous fat is a very suitable injection material since it does not lead to any allergies, in contrast to substances that are foreign to the body (fillers). In addition to the immediate volume effect, the body’s own fatty tissue also has a regenerative effect on the overlying skin. After about 6 – 12 weeks, the skin thickens and increases elastic fibres (regeneration).

The disadvantage of the autologous fat transplantation lies in the additional donor defect (removal area of ​​the autologous fat) and a slightly stronger swelling in the hand area and skin discolouration for 3 – 5 days – compared to hyaluronic acid.

Best Hand Treatment for Wrinkles

Prof Dr Robert Hierner is an accomplished hand surgeon with decades of experience. He is well-versed in carrying out the most complex hand surgeries and procedures.

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Patient Information

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