Mesotherapy For hand in Dubai

Mesotherapy for

Mesotherapy For hand in Dubai

Mesotherapy for Wrinkles

Mesotherapy for wrinkles in the hand area

The main area of application for mesotherapy is the skin surface (epidermis and dermis). The principle of mesotherapy is based on improving the skin’s basic tension by injecting a cocktail of active ingredients with hyaluronic acid. The water-binding capacity of the skin is increased by hyaluronic acid. As a result, it rehydrates the skin. The cocktail of active ingredients leads to an increase in collagen formation with a certain tightening effect in the area of the superficial layers of the skin.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner, our Hand Rejuvenation specialist, spearheads this method of hand treatment for wrinkles in Dubai with a lot of diligence and accuracy. 

Patient selection

-Patients who have mild to moderate loss of skin elasticity (superficial wrinkling) in:

– Back of the hand

– Wrist

Aesthetic mesotherapy can be performed at any time of the year and can be easily combined with other aesthetic procedures. It shows both immediate and long-term effects.


In clinical practice, a detailed examination is carried out first to understand the following factors;

1) What bothers you

2) What are your expectations

3) Previous (aesthetic) surgeries

4) General health

5) Development of body shape and body weight

6) Lifestyle (sports)

7) Quality of the skin

8) Medication

9) Allergies

10) Handedness and Occupation

The body areas to be corrected are discussed and marked with the patient.There is a detailed photo documentation process.

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Rarely, with the right technique, swelling, discolouration of the skin due to bleeding, feeling of pressure, or allergic reactions to the ingredients of the cocktail for injection can occur.


Specific preparation for mesotherapy is not necessary. If necessary, an anaesthetic cream (EMLA, PRILA)  can be applied before the Mesolift.


The regions to be corrected (wrist, back of the hand, base joint area) are discussed with the patient.

Then skin-tightening substances are worked superficially along the skin folds and into the entire surface of the area that is to be treated (systemically). The process is carefully carried out with a fine needle.

At 14-day intervals, three to five treatments are carried out with the Mesolift, each lasting about 20 minutes. The treatment should then be repeated every three to six months as needed


A specific follow-up treatment is not necessary. Immediately after the procedure, the backs of the hands are cooled and treated with special creams. Good sun protection is necessary.

No bandage

Patients can resume normal life immediately. But no heavy manual labour for 24-72 hours. Sports can be resumed after 24 hours.


  • The water-binding capacity of the skin is increased by the hyaluronic acid, and re-hydration occurs. Thus there is also a certain tightening in the area of the superficial skin layers (immediate effect).
  • The cocktail of active ingredients increases the formation of collagen fibres and elastic fibres in the superficial layers of the skin (long-term effect).


Both effects are temporary, so the therapy must be repeated after 6 – 12 months.

How can our expert help?

Our hand surgery expert, Prof Dr Robert, has a successful track record of several years. He has rendered lucrative results to many of his patients looking for highly professional hand rejuvenation in Dubai.

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Patient Information

This patient information only gives a general introduction for a better understanding of aesthetic and medical surgeries. It cannot replace the personal and detailed doctor-patient discussion. To answer your questions about your personal, individual situation, arrange your non-binding personal consultation appointment.