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PIP Arthrodesis

Stiffening/arthrodesis of the PIP joint

PIP Arthorodesis

PIP Arthrodesis

Stiffening/arthrodesis of the PIP joint

Arthrodesis is a surgical procedure that fuses the bones in a joint, so they don’t move (no movement, no pain). Arthrodesis of the middle finger joint or proximal interphalangeal (PIP)  joint is an accepted operative procedure to treat osteoarthritis, instability and joint deformity.

Prof Dr Robert Hierner is best known for his expertise in hand surgeries in Dubai. His multidisciplinary approach and in-depth understanding of various hand conditions make him a distinguished hand surgeon

Patient selection

Patient with severe arthritic changes at the proximal finger joints ( DII – D V), pain and axial malalignment (treatment of the last choice)


In clinical practice, a detailed examination is carried out first to understand the following factors;

1) What bothers you

2) What are your expectations

3) previous therapeutic measures of arthrosis treatment including pain therapy

4) general health

5) lifestyle (sports)

6) Quality of the skin

7) medication

8) allergies

9) Handedness and occupation

The joints to be treated in the hand area are discussed and marked with the patient

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With proper technique rare: Bleeding, impaired sensibility, impaired wound healing, impaired bone healing, or infection.


No specific preparation is needed.


The joints to be corrected in the hand area are discussed and marked with the patient.

The procedure can be done as a one-day surgery case and in hand anaesthesia (Bier block).

Operation starts with the resection of residual joint parts and osteophytes. 

There is a wide spectrum of recommended operative techniques, including cerclage wires, headless screws, bio-resorbable pins, and lag screws.

After Care

  • Antibiotics: single shot
  • Pain medication: Arcoxia 90 – 120 mg (1-0-0) for 10 days
  • Positioning: hand at heart level
  • Immobilisation of PIP joint is necessary for 6 weeks. Mobilisation of the operated hand with finger splint should be done as soon as possible (daily live activities, driving a car, etc.)
  • Sutures are removed 10 – 14 days after surgery.
  • X-ray control 6 weeks after surgery
  • Keep stress on the treated hand less than 10 kg for 6 weeks, but no restriction after 12 weeks.


mprovement of the overall function of the hand through good pain reduction, improvement of strength, reduction of obstruction of the gripping function due to crooked fingers, and improvement of aesthetics.

An extremely detail-oriented medical professional, Prof Dr Robert has been practising and performing hand surgeries for more than 30 years. He considers every case as unique and proceeds with the treatment method accordingly. So, if you are in need of hand surgery in Dubai

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Patient Information

This patient information only gives a general introduction for a better understanding of aesthetic and medical surgeries. It cannot replace the personal and detailed doctor-patient discussion. To answer your questions about your personal, individual situation, arrange your non-binding personal consultation appointment.