hand surgery

Types of HAND SURGERIES that relieve you from painful symptoms

hand surgery

Types of HAND SURGERIES that relieve you from painful symptoms

Your hands play an important role in your daily life. You use them for work, cooking, socialising, expressing emotions, exercising, and so much more! This means that protecting your hands is critical, but it also means that they are prone to wear and tear. However, a major proportion of the world population is affected by degenerative hand conditions.

Luckily, to combat the effects of some of these conditions and injuries, hand surgery and other treatments are available. If you are facing symptoms in your hand or wrist, and are looking for a specialist for hand surgery in Dubai, consult our hand expert Prof Dr Robert Hierner. He is highly skilled in handling the most complex hand conditions and rehabilitation procedures.

What are the different TYPES OF HAND SURGERIES that one can opt for?

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel surgery is one of the most common hand surgeries performed. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not uncommon, and many people often suffer from this hand condition. It develops when swelling around the wrist tendons places pressure on the median nerve and tendons that run through a tunnel to the fingertips.

Carpal tunnel surgery relieves pressure by making more room for the nerve in the tunnel when non-surgical solutions, such as wearing a wrist brace, do not provide relief.

Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger finger occurs when the flexor tendons in the fingers, including the thumb, develop bumps or nodules that prevent the tendons from sliding smoothly. Instead, the tendons catch and prevent the fingers from straightening, frequently locking them in a curled or bent position. This hand surgery widens the sheath through a tiny incision on the palm, allowing the tendons to glide smoothly.

Dupuytren's Contracture surgery

Dupuytren’s Contracture occurs when the tissue beneath the skin of the palms and fingers thickens. It is a hand deformity that typically develops over time. While the thick bands of tissue are often painless, they cause the fingers to curl towards the palm, making it difficult to hold objects. To restore movement, these bands are released surgically. If a large amount of tissue must be removed, a skin graft may be required.

Dupuytren's Contracture

De Quervain's Tendinosis Surgery

Sometimes, tendons or the tendon sheath become irritated or swollen or, at times, even both. This condition is known as De Quervain’s tendinosis. The tendons cannot move smoothly due to the crowding around the base of the thumb. The patient experiences swelling and pain on the thumb and side of the wrist when making a fist. Making a turning and gripping movement is also frequently painful. This hand surgery helps the tendons to move freely as the sheath is enlarged and symptoms are relieved.

Tendon Repair

Some tendon injuries caused by trauma or infection necessitate surgery. These procedures may only consist of surgical correction or other secondary repairs, such as tendon grafts.

Nerve Repair

Nerve damage may also necessitate surgery to restore the same. These procedures could be as simple as a repair or as complex as reattaching a severed nerve or using a nerve graft to repair a damaged section

nerve changes

EXCLUSIVE hand surgeries offered by Prof Dr Robert Hierner

As a 30-year experienced veteran in this field, Prof Dr Robert Hierner has developed these treatment methods after years of research and observations.

Hand Therapy

There is no Hand surgery without Hand therapy. Prof Dr Robert is a pioneer in the field of Hand Medicine. 

Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LDRT)

Prof Dr Robert recommends LDRT to people under or over the age of 50 who are suffering from tendonitis pain in one or both hands. It can alleviate discomforts like joint stiffness, pain, and mobility issues, which are mostly symptoms of degenerative disease (arthritis). Not to mention, Low-Dose Radiotherapy (LDRT) is one of the cornerstones of treatment for hand arthritis.

Integrative Therapy

After several years of clinical practice and know-how, Prof. Hierner has created the “integrative therapy concept for the aging hand“. The treatment is known to ease the ageing effects on hands like Carpal Tunnel, Trigger Finger, Osteoporosis and can rejuvenate your hands accordingly. This one-of-a-kind hand surgery in Dubai is offered only by Prof Dr Robert. 

For a detailed consultation, book an appointment with our board-certified hand surgeon.