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What you should know about Hand fillers

When it comes to aging-related deformations, many people think of volume losses and skin wrinkles in the face area first, although other areas are secondary. When it comes to aging and the deformations it brings, our hands show our age at least as much as our face area, which is the cause of aging. In addition, it suffers from the deformations it brings. With non-surgical aesthetic methods, we can now comfortably intervene in the deformations on our hands. A youthful appearance can be obtained with the interventions, while a younger appearance is desired. Hand fillers treatment, one of the leading hand rejuvenation treatments, is a reliable and comfortable procedure.

What are hand fillers?

Elegant and delicate hands, indispensable for an aesthetic appearance from past to present, are exposed to wrinkles, deep lines, and skeletal appearance due to the melting of subcutaneous tissues due to aging. Hand fillers treatment is an effective and reliable procedure to eliminate these deformations. Hand fillers with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers can be performed in a clinical setting during a lunch break. Another more time consuming but longer  lasting option is autologous fat transfer (lipofilling).

Why are hand fillers needed?

The hand fillers treatment, a reliable and comfortable treatment, is to restore the lost volume to the hands, remove the wrinkles  on the back of the hand, and achieve a younger hand appearance. Just remenmer the back of the hand is the social side of the hand. Hands are our business cards. We use our hands to tell a story or point something out when we meet someone. Wrinkles on the back of the hand and poor skin quality due to aging can make the person look old. Moreover, if the hands are not intervened, all the treatments for a younger appearance in the face area are wasted because your hands will give you away no matter how young your face looks. Hand rejuvenation in Dubai is needed for a younger appearance on the hands.

Hand rejuvenation in Dubai

Is there an age limit for hand fillers?

As in all filling treatments, the age limit for hand fillers made with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillings is 18. However, hand fillers are a procedure that is currently used to leave behind the negative effects of aging. Therefore, there is no need for hand fillers before the age of 40.

What is the active ingredient of hand filler?

Hand fillers are applied in a clinical setting with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a component already found in our skin and affects skin quality. Therefore, the filling treatment not only gives volume to the hands but also contributes positively to the quality of the skin.

Is hand fillers a painful treatment?

Hand fillers treatment is a very reliable and comfortable treatment. Before the treatment, anesthetic creams are applied to the procedure area, making the treatment comfortable for the patients at the maximum level, and the feeling of pain/ache is minimized.

With which treatments can hand fillers be combined?

Hand fillers, a practical and comfortable treatment, can be combined with many non-surgical aesthetic procedures. With a rejuvenation protocol to be performed with filling and botox procedures in the face area on the same day, a younger and more dynamic appearance can be achieved holistically within the same day. On the hand filler treatment is frequently combined with LASER treatment for removal of the so-called “age-spots”

Is hand fillers permanent?

Filling treatments made with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers give effective and satisfactory results and are treatments that have an average of 6 to 12 months of permanence. If the effect is desired to continue, the treatment must be renewed after this period. However, it is known that the permanence time is slightly increased in regular filling treatments.

What you need to know about hand fillers

  • Hand fillers are a practical procedure performed in a clinical setting.
  • The treatment can be easily completed during a lunch break.
  • It is a single-session treatment, and its permanence varies between 6 and 12 months.
  • Hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are used in hand fillers treatment.
  • Hand fillers can be done on the same day with non-surgical aesthetic treatment that includes many other injections, peeling or LASER.

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